Kohlslistens Customers Experience satisfaction survey is among the best store survey. You can give your feedback about your purchases and your experience at the store during your visit. Go to Kohlslistens and participate in survey to get a chance to win free gifts and coupons.

Kohlslistens Customers Satisfaction Survey

Kohl’s History:

CEO: Michelle Gass

An American department store retailing chain Kohl’s Corporation. First Kohl’s store was a grocery store which was founded in 1962 by Maxwell Kohl. Later on the kohl’s family left the management of the company and a group of investor purchased the company in 1986 from British American Tobacco Company and it went public in 1992. The company Headquarters is in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin in United States, having 1158 stores in 49 states. As of 2013, Kohl’s was the second largest U.s department store company by retail sales. The only state it does not operate is in Hawaii.

Kohl’s Slogan:

“Expect great things”

Kohlslistens Customers Satisfaction survey Purpose:

By getting part in Kohlslistens survey you can get 10% discount coupon $1000, free 500 gift card and shopping coupon. The purpose of this survey is for customers to give their feedback whither is positive or negative feedback. Through your feedback they will know about their store good things and where they need improvement. The survey is about your experience you had during your visit to store. Generally survey is about the overall experience at the kohl’s store, speed , prices of products, ease of finding products at Kohl’s store, cleanliness of store etc.

Eligibility criteria for Survey:

  • A good Internet connection.
  • A personnel computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone
  • Recent kohl’s receipt of purchase.
  • 16 digit kohl’s receipt code.
  • 4 digit store code
  • Basic languages.
  • You must purchase anything from store during visit.
  • Age required for taking part in this survey is 18 or above.
  • You must be a legal citizen of USA.
  • Khol’s provided code can be used only once.

Kohl’s survey reward:

  • 10% discount kohls coupon
  • $1000 cash prize
  • Free 500 gift card kohls credit
  • Shopping kohls coupon.

Kohl’s near me:

 You can locate them by going to their official website www.kohls.com

Easy steps Guide:

Step 01

Enter 4 digit kohl’s store code and 16 digits receipt code.

Kohlslistens Customers Satisfaction Survey

Press “Start” to begin

Step 02

Give your rating about satisfaction.

Click on “Next” and answer next Question

Step 03

Give you rating about availability etc.

Go for “Next” Button

Step 04

In this step they will ask about recommendation.

Now press “Next” button.

Step 05

Now give you feedback about overall satisfaction

Proceed by clicking on “Next”

Step 06

In this step they will ask about which department you have visited.

Select “Next” to Proceed.

Step 07

In this step they will ask about if you have returned any items during visit

Click on “Next” and jump to further steps

Step 08

Now they will ask if you have used Kohl’s kiosk during visit.

Now click on “Next”

Step 09

They will ask about you have used any assistance during checkout.

Now Select “Next” to Proceed.

Step 10

In this step they will ask how much you saved

Click “Next” to Proceed.

Step 11

Were you ask to open kohl’s charge account

Press “Next” Button.

Step 12

Please indicate your gender.

Proceed by clicking “Next”

Step 13

Enter your age

Now Click on “Next” button

Step 14

Indicate about your annual household income

Click on “Next” your survey is almost done

Step 15

In this step they will ask if you have children in household

Click on “Next” to submit your survey.

This survey is generally conducted in order to collect customer’s feedback quality of product and service available at the store. Through this survey you can give your feedback about how you feel during your visit to kohl’s store. Kohls Customer Service survey helps kohl’s to provide good care to their customers.

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