TellNoodles customers satisfaction survey is taken basically for the good of Noodles and company customers as well as for the improvement of their restaurants. So if you have a little bit of time so go to TELLNOODLES website and take part in survey to win free prize coupon and an appetizer.


Noodles and Company:

CEO: Dave Boennighausen

Noodles & Company is a fast-casual restaurant offering internationally Noodles as well as soups, salads, and pasta. Its headquarter is in Broomfield, Colorado United states. Founded by AaronKennedy in 1995. It grew from $300,000+ revenue in 1996 to $300 million when it went Public in 2013. Noodles & company is in 510 location having franchises in 39 states. They have been awarded with many business and industry awards.


Noodles & Company Slogan:

 “Taste the World, one noodle at a time” 


Purpose of Survey:

Generally this survey is conducted for the purpose of development and up-gradation of the Noodles & company Restaurants. Through this survey they can reach to the best level of advancement of their Restaurants so that they can get the best for their customers. This can only be possible if you give them you feed back through TellNoodles customer’s satisfaction survey. This survey will take a little of you time. In this survey they will ask about neatness of their restaurants, politeness of staff,       Availability of items, Quality of food, Overall rating about quality of food, the accuracy of order, the accuracy of order.


Noodles & Company Menu:

  • Zoodles
  • World Famous Macs
  • Noodles
  • Salad
  • Soups
  • Shareables

For full Noodles Menu visit official Website: Menu




TellNoodles Customers Survey Needs:

  • A good internet connection
  • A mobile, personnel computer, laptop
  • Purchase Receipt
  • Invitation code
  • Basic languages


Survey Rules and Requirements:

  • Age limit required is 18 years or above
  • The participant must be from United States
  • Recently given receipt against order
  • One coupon is valid till 3 days.
  • This coupon code is valid for only 30 days.
  • You can’t redeem your receipt for cash


Easy Steps to TellNoodles Customers Satisfaction Survey:

  • Go to tell noodles official TellNoodles website.
  • Official survey will be waiting for you.
  • You must have your recent visit receipt number.


Step 01

Enter 20 digit survey code located on your receipt.

TELLNOODLES Survey Step 01

Click on “Start” button.


Step 02

Rate overall Customer Satisfaction Level with your experience.

TELLNOODLES Survey Step 02

Answer the question and click on “Next“.


Step 03

Then they will ask about your Visit Type.

TELLNOODLES Survey Step 03

Click on option and go for “Next“.


Step 04

How did you placed your Order.

TELLNOODLES Survey Step 04

To further steps click on “Next“.


Step 05

Rate Satisfaction level about attentiveness, temperature of food, time of food arrival, appearance of food and accuracy of order.

TELLNOODLES Survey Step 05

Select “Next” to proceed.


Step 06

Rate Satisfaction level about taste, food portion, cleanliness and atmosphere of restaurant.

TELLNOODLES Survey Step 06

Jump on next step by clicking on “Next“.


Step 07

Have you experience a problem during your visit.

TELLNOODLES Survey Step 07

To further steps click on “Next“.


Step 08

How frequently you visit Noodles Restaurant and will you visit again in 30 days.

TELLNOODLES Survey Step 08

Select “Next” to proceed.


Step 09

What was the main dish you ordered?

TELLNOODLES Survey Step 09

Click on “Next“.


Step 10

Which size noodles/pasta did you order?

TELLNOODLES Survey Step 10

Answer the question and click on “Next“.


Step 11

In addition to your main dish, select any of these items you ordered on this visit. (select all that apply)

TELLNOODLES Survey Step 11

Select “Next“.


Step 12

Were there any children under the age of 12 with you on this visit?

TELLNOODLES Survey Step 12

Proceed by clicking on “Next“.


Step 13

Then they will ask you about you were agree or disagree with statements regarding menu.

TELLNOODLES Survey Step 13

Answer the question and click on “Next“.


Step 14

Now they will ask you how many times you have visited Noodles and company in the past 30 days.

TELLNOODLES Survey Step 14

Select “Next” and your are near to finishing line.


Step 15

In this step they will ask you about some of your personal information to stay in contact.

TELLNOODLES Survey Step 15

Press “Next” button and survey is Done.

You will see the completion message of Survey and will be given a unique Validation Code for your prize claim if you win.

TELLNOODLES Survey Completion

Noodles & Company Near Me:

You can locate them by going to their official website. After you are entered in the  website click on location and locate the restaurant.


Noodles & Company App:

You can install their app easily using your mobile phones.


Noodles & Company Online Order:

You can order online by visiting their official app and also available on website to order.


This survey will take your minimum 05 minutes to complete so go to Tell Noodles and get part in survey. Give your feedback. Through your feedback they will know their about their mistakes and improvements. After completing the survey they will give you free prize coupon and an appetizer as a reward but you cannot redeem your receipt for cash. This survey is not just about to claim your reward. The main purpose of this survey is to have your feedback so that the Noodles and company can retain the standard of their products. Take part in this survey and give your feedback correctly and honestly.

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