TellTheBell survey gives an opportunity to win $500 cash in participating taco bell customer service survey. Easy cash and there is no catch in it.


Taco Bell:

Taco Bell is famous restaurant from US. It serves variety of Texas Mexican fast food. The first store started in 1962 at California by the founder Glenn Bell. Now this growing food chain has 7000 outlets all around the famous places in the world. Taco Bell is not just famous for Tacos or Burritos, it has variety of foods in menu. Taco Bell offers Party Pack and also Vegetarian Deals. Some famous choices at Taco Bell are;

»» Burritos

»» Quesadillas

»» Nachos

»» Dollar Craving Menu

»» Cuisine


How to get $500?

Take a part in survey and win without efforts. Taco Bell wants to know to what instance customers are satisfied with the services and food menu. These surveys help to formulate different business strategies to grow and compete in market. Flaws in services can be minimized through feedback survey. In lucky draw participants will be rewarded $500.


TellTheBell Survey Eligibility Criteria:

Tell The Bell Survey for Taco Bell customers is very simple. It has criteria for customers to fulfill for survey participation. Now let’s review the rules quickly.

  • Taco Bell staff is not eligible to take part in TellTheBell survey.
  • To take part in survey you must be 18 years old or above.
  • You must be resident of United States or must be living in Columbian District.
  • Taco Bell receipt is must. So go and have one by purchasing something.
  • To take part in survey you need to take part in entry period duration.

Every month has a sweepstakes entry period. There are 13 sweepstakes entry periods from June 30th 2018 to June 26th 2019. Every entry period has 4 prizes that mean each week 1 customer wins through lucky draw.


About TellTheBell Survey

Tell The Bell Entry Periods:

Visit Tell The Bell entry periods starting at 12:00AM from following dates and end at 11:59PM at the given dates. Central Time zone is administered in the entry points. Entry points from June 30th 2018 to June 26th 2019 are as defined;


Periods no. Start Date (12:00 AM CT) End Date (11:59:59 PM CT) Lucky-Draw Date Winners



25-07-2018 02-08-2018 04



22-08-2018 30-08-2018




19-09-2018 27-09-2018




17-10-2018 25-10-2018




14-11-2018 22-11-2018




12-12-2018 20-12-2018 04



09-01-2019 17-01-2019




06-02-2019 14-02-2019




06-03-2019 14-03-2019




03-04-2019 11-04-2019




01-05-2019 09-05-2019




29-05-2019 06-06-2019 04


30-05-2019 26-06-2019 05-07-2019



How to apply for Survey?

TellTheBell is service of Taco Bell to ensure Customer Satisfaction and review generating platform. So to participate in Tell The Bell Survey you have to become a customer of Taco Bell.

»» Purchase food from Taco Bell.

»» Get the receipt of purchased item.

»» Go to TellTheBell website and enter your code to participate.

»» Answer the questions and give your feedback.

»» Become a SweapSteaks to Win $500.


Easy Steps to Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey:

First go to Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey Website TELLTHEBELL and select the language. This survey gives two choices of language, English and Spanish for customer convenience. Now follow the step by step guide given below with infographic details.


Step 01

Enter 16-Digit Code printed on your Taco Bell receipt which was given against your food order.

TELLTHEBELL Survey Step 01

Click on “Start” Button.


Step 02

Taco Bell will ask you a question about the overall customer satisfaction with your experience at Taco Bell.

TELLTHEBELL Survey Step 02

Answer the question by selecting one out of five choices and click on “Next”.


Step 03

Select the order type you use.

TELLTHEBELL Survey Step 03

Click on Option and go for “Next”.


Step 04

Rate the satisfaction about appearance, accuracy, restaurant cleanliness, friendliness, speed of service and size portion of order.

TELLTHEBELL Survey Step 04

To further steps click on “Next”.


Step 05

Give your personal opinion about any problem you face on Taco Bell Restaurant.

TELLTHEBELL Survey Step 05

Select “Next” to proceed.


Step 06

Now give reason about your choice for satisfaction. It is optional if you don’t want to tell skip this question.

TELLTHEBELL Survey Step 06

Jump on next step by clicking on “Next”.


Step 07

Tell about your order. Did you purchase a Hard Shell Taco (e.g. Beef, Doritos Locos Tacos)?

TELLTHEBELL Survey Step 07

Answer the question and click on “Next”.


Step 08

For 18+ and USA residents TELLTHEBELL asks to join sweepstakes?

TELLTHEBELL Survey Step 08

Select “Next”.


Step 09

Fill contact information for TELLTHEBELL to stay in contact with you.

TELLTHEBELL Survey Step 09

Select “Next”.


TELLTHEBELL Survey Completion

Now you have completed the SweapStakes survey. Keep your Taco Bell Receipt with you because you have to show the receipt to claim the $500 cash reward. Claim your reward within 14 days time limit.


Tell The Bell Winners – Winners List:

Tell The Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey notifies Taco Bell survey winners by email or phone and the winner list updates proper on website.

TELLTHEBELL Survey Winners List


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